1/6 Appleseed Ex Machina - Tereus Action Figure (Hot Toys / Sideshow)

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HotToys has just released a poseable 12 inch model of Tereus.

This 1/6 scale model stands at 12 inches (Approx. 31 cm) tall comes has over 15 points of articulation and

also comes with a number of accesories listed below.

  • ES.W.A.T. Riffle - HECATE stg 1002

  • ES.W.A.T. Hand Gun - HECATE P-08

  • Hand Gun

  • Display base with Ex Machina logo and Tereus nameplate


1/6 Appleseed Ex Machina - Tereus Action Figure (Hot Toys / Sideshow)

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1/6 Appleseed Ex Machina - Tereus Figure (Hot Toys / Sideshow)

The Japanese four-volume manga series Appleseed, created by Masumune Shirow, shows a bleak outlook for the future of mankind.

In the 22nd century, the Third Word War has devastated most of the planet, destroying many of the world's leading nations.

Out of the ashes and rubble that remain, new organizations develop ways to save what is left of humanity, like the utopian city of Olympus. Living in this hopeful new city is a young woman named Hitomi and her friends Duenan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires who are members of the ES.W.A.T. (Extra Special Weapons And Tactics) organization that helps protect the city and its interests from terrorist attacks.

Constantly under threat, the citizens must rely on ES.W.A.T. to protect and defend them against the many dangers that they may face in the fall-out of the war.

When Briareos is injured protecting Deunan from an explosion, Deunan is assigned a new partner, Tereus. He is a new type of genetically engineered humanoids called a bioroid. Tereus is designed as the prototype for a new type of fighter bioroid, based on the human DNA of Briareos.

Additional Information

Specifications Product dimension: 16.00" (H) (406.4mm) x 17.00" (W) (431.8mm) x 20.00" (L) (508mm)
Condition Brand New
Brand Hot Toys
Scale 1:6
Price AU$299.00

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